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Tips for Getting Offers to Clear

Getting offers to approve is easy, but if you don't know the specific things that you're required to do to get them to clear it can seem almost impossible.

1)Finish surveys/quizes to the end. You almost always submit your personal information in the first or second page of the survey. A mistake many people make is stopping here, and this will cause your offers to not credit. Make sure you go all the way to the end.

2)Use different emails. You must use different emails if you're doing multiple offers by the same company. You can however use the same email to do offers by different companies. There are also groups of companies which may have different names but their surveys/quizes look identical. You must use a different email for each group of companies.

3)View the number of offers that the survey tells you to. Sometimes you will encounter a quiz or survey which ends with a couple of pages which say click X number of these offers then go to the next page. There will typically be a page of "silver" offers, a page of "gold" offers, and a page of "platinum" offers. You must make sure to click on the amount of offers it tells you for each of those last 3 pages. You do not need to fill these offers out, just click them and let them load and then close the window.

4)Clear your cookies after every offer. Once again these companies only want to give you credit once. The cookies will let them know whether you've been there and done the offer before, so clear them after every offer.